Distillery Installation/Expansion

Expanding a distillery can be a significant undertaking. To get started, the project needs to be planned thoroughly, considering factors like what is required to increase production capacity; equipment upgrades and compliance with regulations. It’s essential to create a detailed timeline, budget, and risk assessment.

SBS can assist with the planning of your new process required along with the supply and installation of your new equipment. We recently supported two craft distilleries, working with them from the design of their process to carrying out the commissioning of the equipment.

Computer technology was utilised to produce P&ID and 3D drawings, showcasing how the new system will look and operate prior to the installation taking place.

Our engineers worked in tandem with our tank supplier to ensure the new stainless steel tanks required were manufactured specifically to suit and were compatible with the ancillary equipment required to complete the process.

The tanks were offloaded and put into position by our team, allowing our engineers to complete the mechanical and electrical installation, before finally commissioning the system and completing a full handover to the client.