Distillery Installation/Expansion

SBS recently carried out two very similar projects for small distilleries who were looking to expand and increase their output. We worked with them from the beginning, helping to design their process to carrying out the commissioning of the equipment.

We use computer technology to produce P&ID and 3D drawings, which allow us to showcase to the client how their new system will look and operate prior to the actual installation taking place.

Our engineers worked alongside our tank supplier to ensure the new stainless steel tanks required were the exact spec for the process and were compatible with the ancillary equipment required to complete the process.

When the new tanks and equipment arrived on site, our team were on hand to offload and position the equipment. Engineers then carried out the mechanical installation within one week, along with electricians who wired the process to a main control panel.

Finally, the team then commissioned the new process which allowed both clients to have their system running in time to fulfil their Christmas orders.