SBS was commissioned by a longstanding client to carry out the dismantle, removal, and packaging for shipping of a complete fish processing plant. Managing multiple teams was essential for this project, as it unfolded in Germany. Initially, progress was hindered by challenges in sourcing plant and machinery for hire. However, we swiftly resolved this setback by deploying our own machinery from the UK, ensuring timely completion of the project.

Prior to initiating the project, we conducted several site visits to accurately evaluate the scope of work. We meticulously prepared a comprehensive report detailing all aspects included in our proposal, providing the client with full transparency regarding our pricing structure. This approach ensures clarity and accountability for both the client and ourselves throughout the project duration.

This project involved expertise in removing and loading to transport a large Haarslev dryer, and a complete building of evaporators.

The project was successfully completed within the designated timeframe, and we maintain a close working relationship with this client.