Our experience as an engineering-based company allows us to offer a complete installation and commissioning service to support and enhance any decommissioning and dismantling projects.

Although this may often be undertaken as a part of a full package of project works, we can take on stand-alone plant and process installation involving equipment and machinery from a diverse range of industries.

Tank & Plant Installation Services UK

Industrial Dismantling

Industrial dismantling is a service that requires a range of specialist skills and techniques. SBS has acquired these skills and developed our experience over 25 years of close working relationships with our clients, across a wide range of industrial sectors.

In particular, our experience includes the specialised dismantling of plants and equipment as a part of site rationalisation plans. This involves careful and detailed planning which is evident in our highly-detailed Work Method Statements.

As dismantling often requires the use of specific equipment, SBS can call on a range of key partners to ensure that the client can be satisfied that all operations are carried out well within the requirements of current legislation.

Industrial Tank Installation & Dismantling UK