DAF Plant


The full system comprises of:

– 15m3 per hour stainless steel Daf flotation tank with stainless steel scrapers and chains and stainless steel working platform.
– 3 inch floculation system on a stainless steel frame.
– Full control panel with touchscreen hmi, programmed Mitsubishi PLC, inverter controls etc ready to go once 3 phase is connected.
– Raw and Processed effluent water storage tanks.
– White water system, with air compressor, reservoir and pump.
– Polymer mixing and dosing system and pump.
– Chemical resistant dosing pumps.
– Post effluent UV treatment system.
– Post effluent PH correction system.
– Inline turbulent mixing units.
– Various water pumps for transfer of raw and Processed effluent water.
– Centrifuge unit for waste sludge compression.
– Various air actuated think top process valves for use with transferring effluent water.



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Installed in 2015 but commissioned in 2017

The equipment itself is like new and is of very high spec.  The flotation tank has a capacity of up to 15m3 per hour and is constructed out of stainless steel so is usable with Acid, Caustic, ferric chloride, aluminium chloride and other water treatment chemicals.